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 電気電子システム工学科 (地図)



Welcome to the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering!


平成24年度学部改組及び新学部(生命環境学部)の設置についてはこちら をご覧ください.

The department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering covers all aspects of electrical/electronic engineering in both education and research, always considering of the harmony of humanity and environment. The most awesome feature in the undergraduate course is the one year research for graduation thesis. All the students join a laboratory one year in their last year before graduation and deeply study a specific engineering topic, including quantum electronics, semiconductor devices, nano technologies, robotics, computer visions, optical devices and systems, signal processing, and communications. Through this one year research activity, every student gain understandings on comprehensive abilities including communication ability, planning ability, and bargaining ability. Approximately half of alumni proceed to the graduate school, and the number of recruits being sought from our department is always severalfold of the number of students hunting their jobs. We have three female faculties (one professor, one assoc. prof., and one research associate), and we are trying hard to educate female researchers and engineers. More info

電気電子システム工学科では,人と環境の調和を考え,現在の社会を 支える電気電子工学全般を網羅した教育・研究を行っています. 特に卒業研究におけるきめ細かい指導で,企画力、交渉力を含む 総合的な力を身につけます.大学院への進学者も多く,求人は不況時 にも10倍を切ることはありませんでした.女性教員3名も配し, 女性研究者,技術者の育成にも教員全員が力を入れています.

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